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Maintain flexibility with a project-based consultant

With a consultant-based project manager, you get a professional specialist for your project, bringing fresh perspectives and the latest knowledge, providing a 100% dedicated effort for as long as you need assistance.

Our project managers all have a professional background relevant to the type of project they are leading, such as engineering or specialization in mechanics, software, hardware, electronics, or automation. Additionally, they excel at navigating complex businesses and tasks. Years of hands-on experience enable them to initiate or take over quickly and manage the project safely, pragmatically, and diplomatically.

We are also happy to match you with a skilled Tech Lead as a professional intermediary between the project team and the project manager, when the need arises.

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Project management across industries

Project management is a discipline in itself, which our consultants combine with a deep understanding of technology, industry trends, and strategic leadership. The result is project managers with the necessary professional, communicative, and managerial skills to handle even the most complex projects.

If a consultant is the right match for your task but lacks a required certification—such as the Stage-Gate model, SCRUM, Agile, SAFe, etc.—we handle the formalities through our network of training providers.

Since 2010, we have successfully assisted our clients in realizing their projects in industries as diverse as hearing, audio, logistics, and machine production—among others, GN, EPOS, Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, and Widex.

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Try & Hire ensured Velux the perfect match

When Velux needed a Junior Project Manager for a consulting assignment, it was crucial not only to find the perfect professional match but also the right personal fit, as they wanted an employee they could help shape over time.

From the candidates in our database, we couldn’t tick all the boxes on the checklist for both professional and personal competencies. Therefore, we had to think outside the box and reach out to Lasse Korsholm from NGIN, a recruitment company with a large database of natural science students and graduates. NGIN has been part of mpeople’s network for many years, and it turned out that Lasse had the perfect candidate in his drawer.

Mikkel Ebbesen, the candidate, first had an interview internally at mpeople along with two other candidates and then at Velux. For the following 9 months, he was employed as a consultant through mpeople, after which he was hired permanently. Mikkel was the perfect match for Velux because he was a personal fit, willing to learn, and relatively fresh out of university.

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Permanent or temporary employment?

At mpeople, we offer two paths to the perfect candidate:


We find the right consultant who collaborates with your permanent staff for as long as the need exists.

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Permanent employee

If you prefer to hire permanently, we recruit the right profiles that fit your company.

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“Tasks and titles are important, but it’s the match between people that drives us. That’s why we make an effort to solve each task with great flexibility and a commitment you can feel.”

– Tommy Both Juul, CEO, mpeople A/S