Achieve full flexibility with a nearshore team

Nearshoring is gaining more and more popularity when Danish companies require specialized skills or resources for shorter or longer periods.

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Struggling to find resources in Denmark?

The significant advantage of nearshoring is that consultants, unlike offshoring, work within the same time zone as you. Therefore, both cultural and time differences are minimized, making it easier to physically meet with the development team if the need arises.

Nearshoring is particularly useful for tasks that support companies’ core competencies, and the model is increasingly used in the technical industry where finding the right resources in Denmark can be challenging.

However, the challenge with nearshoring lies in having the right European network to find the most skilled professionals. That network is what we possess. Therefore, we can serve as your link to specialized consultants who cost around two-thirds of the price of Danish counterparts with the same expertise and experience.

Should we help you?

Resources across competencies

With nearshoring, you can assemble a comprehensive team comprising, for example software delevopers, hardware developers, mechanical developers, automation specialists and IT-specialists, led by a specialised project manager – depending on the requirements of the task. You have the option to manage the team yourselves or have us lead the team. We tailor the setup to seamlessly integrate with your daily operations.

Perhaps nearshoring could be a solution for you?
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