BOT or Nearshoring?

Skilled tech and software specialists are hard to find. At mpeople, we use our large network both at home and abroad to find, screen and recruit the candidates you need.

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Find the model that suits you best

Two of the models we work with are BOT and nearshoring – and the fundamental difference is that BOT aims to build and hire a new, separate tech/software department, where nearshoring is more of a solution for those companies that need one or more specialists to support the existing team on a consultancy basis or in fixed-term development projects.

Should we help you?

None of our clients follow the same procedure

Regardless of the size and time perspective of the project you are looking for resources for, we help you explore opportunities and put together a solution that suits your needs and challenges. Below we have tried to roughly outline the target groups of the two models. Remember that they are a benchmark and that there are exceptions and overlaps.

Should we help you?

Choose BOT if…

  • An intensive scaling is planned
  • The project is long-term
  • A new unit or department must be established
  • You have the capital for a larger, strategic investment
  • A min. of 10 new employees need to be recruited
  • You want a start-up phase with low involvement
  • operations must be outsourced for a longer period of time
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Choose Nearshoring if…

  • The task is project-based
  • The project is limited in time (3-6 months)
  • Extra hands are needed for a period of time
  • You are looking for a smaller investment
  • One or a few new employees need to be recruited
  • You would like to choose whether you or we will lead the new team
  • Few, selected tasks must be outsourced
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