A new nearshore unit went from 0 to 50 employees in one year.

A leading global tech company specializing in satellite communication successfully implemented an ambitious growth plan and rapidly established a new department in Krakow through a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) agreement with mpeople.

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If resources are out of reach, we reach further

Skilled software specialists are difficult to get hold of in Denmark – and if you need to fill many of these positions within a very short time, the task is virtually impossible unless you look outside Denmark. In this context, Krakow was an attractive location for many software companies – partly because there are several good universities that educate many in tech, which provides a large talent pool to recruit from. To access these resources, the customer wanted to create a department in the city:

“We would never be able to recruit so many software specialists in Denmark, so the idea was to set up an office in the same time zone so that the team was still close. We already have a branch in Aalborg and are used to being spread across different locations. It takes me 1.5 hours to drive to Aalborg and I can fly to Krakow within the same time, so starting up in Poland doesn’t affect our way of working,” says the customer.

The art of finding the right match

How to find the right collaborator when significant tasks need to be outsourced? Naturally, one conducts calculations, examines experience, and compares services and prices, but ultimately, the choice is just as much about mutual trust. After a selection process, the client chose to initiate a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) collaboration with mpeople. Just three months after signing the contract, mpeople had identified and set up premises, as well as signed contracts with the first five employees. Throughout the process, mpeople maintained close contact with the client through a dedicated key person who was actively involved in the recruitment process, hiring, and onboarding:

“We don’t hire people solely based on their technical competencies. It was important for us to bring on board the right individuals who fit into the culture and have the right mindset. It was a clear advantage for us that mpeople and their partners already had an office and were established in Krakow, thereby having knowledge of the job market there. The collaboration during the hiring process went really well, and they were quick to find the right profiles for us. We’ve selected a strong team that truly delivers and has had very few dropouts.”

Record-breaking growth

Typically, establishing a presence in a new country and the accompanying intensive scaling can be a time-consuming and costly process to manage internally. For the client, accelerating at the same pace as they did in Krakow would not have been feasible without assistance:

“For example, we don’t have a legal entity in Poland ourselves, and just setting that up would take time. Moreover, it would also have taken a lot of time to navigate local conditions, find a recruiter, and hire someone to write contracts. It could easily take a year just to get started. Instead, we leveraged the expertise, experience, and presence in Poland that mpeople already had, and that meant we hired 47 new software developers within 10-11 months. The BOT model made it possible to grow rapidly while we could focus on our daily business, customers, and core tasks.”

A flexible collaboration

In such long-term processes like BOT, unforeseen challenges may arise, making a personal relationship, ongoing alignment, and effective communication essential in a BOT collaboration. The client describes it as follows:

“The collaboration with mpeople has gone well, and they have been good at understanding our needs. From the start, our relationship has been based on trust, and that is crucial. Otherwise, it would have been an uphill battle. In such a long-term project, not everything can be figured out in advance, so it is crucial to have a trusted partner that is easy to make agreements with. The flexibility in the collaboration has been important for us.”

Is your company embarking on a growth journey abroad?

your company is planning an intensive scaling effort and seeks assistance in establishing a new department close to the right resources, BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) could be the right solution.

Contact Tommy Both Juul, CEO at mpeople, if you would like to learn more, at tlf. +45 25 64 28 eller mail tbj@mpeople.dk

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