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Like our clients and consultants, mpeople is driven by development.
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“We believe that development takes place on the edge of the box between existing and new products”

Tommy Both Juul

Tommy Both Juul


We work on the edge of the box

The world is constantly shifting and changing. So is the world of our clients. What they need is specialists straight away, but not necessarily in the shape of permanent employees.

Our consultants work at our clients’ premises and are carefully selected for a specific project.

Some believe that development is all about thinking outside the box. We know that ‘out of the box’ is also ‘out of the step’ with everyone else. We believe that development takes place at the edge of the box between existing and new products. When you stand ‘at the edge’, working together with specialists with different knowledge and expertise, the result is development that makes sense. Our consultants tune into to clients’ projects, starting at the point they are at and putting them at the forefront.   

Our goal is to identify the perfect match first time

Many skills simply get wasted, because the match is not appropriate and ‘the box’ is simply too small.

When we recommend a consultant with the desired expertise, it is not only about the appropriate professionalism. Professionalism is the admission ticket, but it isn’t the be-all and end-all. We challenge our clients, because we can come up with the best consultant for them when we know all the worlds involved – the commercial, the geeky, the personal and the professional.

We understand people and dig that bit deeper to find the right person and expertise for both the team and the project

We share your passion

At mpeople we have a diverse team who know that diversity makes the world go round. But, despite our diversity, we share the same passion: matching development projects with the ‘whole person’. We have no problem finding the right professionals, because our network is large and we are excellent at matching people.

Our consultants are professionally proud and stand up for what they do. That, together with the perfect match, is why as many as 90% of our consultants are kept on.

Our professional relationships are also personal. We treat people with trust, integrity and the same quality that our clients stand fo. We are a 360-degree partner who can assist you throughout the value chain – from idea to finished product.

With one point of contact, finding the right person for a particular field is quick and easy. We may work remotely, but with our offices in Aalborg, Skanderborg, Kolding and Copenhagen we are never that far away.

We are professional and experienced and work with ease and flexibility. Even though we work on the edge of the box, that doesn’t mean that everything’s square.

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