Technical expertise.
Human insight.

We only aim for the bullseye – we owe it to all parties. We understand people and dig deeper to find the right person for the job.

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“Tasks and titles are important, but it’s the match between people that drives us. That’s why we make an effort to solve each task with great flexibility and a commitment you can feel.”

– Tommy Both Juul, CEO, mpeople A/S

Success starts with a deep understanding of your situation

At mpeople, we create the best conditions for development and growth. We do it by being a professional link between skills and tech companies – and we can do that because we take the time to listen and understand first, and then execute quickly and accurately.

Whether you are looking for a project, a job, or a candidate, we understand your situation, challenge you, and empower you through an honest and transparent collaboration, where your ambitions define the goal.

This is how we create the highest satisfaction, with 90% of our consultants being extended.

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A sense for the right person for your team

While we have close to 20 years of industry knowledge and are familiar with all technical projects and complex challenges, it takes more to find the people who can solve them to perfection.

For most people, a job is never just a job. Therefore, our focus always extends far beyond expertise and CV. As well-being and results go hand in hand, personality, corporate culture, work methods, and team dynamics are just as important when we pursue the perfect match – whether it’s for a project position or a permanent role.

We specialise in specialists

Recruitment is one of our core competencies – and modesty aside, it’s evident when you look at our own team, which consists of a strong combination of different profiles and skills. Our various core areas complement each other well, allowing us to meet the industry’s needs.

When you collaborate with mpeople, you gain access to specialized knowledge in recruitment processes – including search strategy, screening, contracts, as well as industry-specific challenges, trends, and opportunities.

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