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We understand your world

For more than 10 years, mpeople have been recruiting engineers and other professionals with a technical background for leading technology-oriented companies both in Denmark and abroad.

Frequently our clients contact us when they need particularly specialist staff with comprehensive knowledge about a limited area: specialists that can only be traced with the perfect network. We have such a network, because our sole job is to link up candidates with technological companies.

Unlike other firms, we run both a recruitment and a consultancy company. Our consultants take on projects in the fields for which we recruit. That means we possess extensive knowledge of both the projects and the industry. We speak and understand the language of you and the candidates and can ask both parties the right questions. This not only guarantees the right match. It also means that the candidates will speak to us. That is crucial in an industry where skilled candidates are constantly being contacted by headhunters.

90 % of our clients will recommend us to others in the industry, so we have a lot to live up to.



How the recruitment process takes place


1. Search strategy

Based on the client’s needs and desired candidate profile, we devise a search strategy. The strategy is based, for example, on analysis on the companies, industries, professional groups etc. where we expect to find potential candidates with the qualifications and expertise the client is after.


2. Attraction

Once the search strategy is in place, we place ads on both our own website and LinkedIn. We then launch a so-called ‘tsunami’ by contacting a wide range of suitable candidates directly – in our own network and on LinkedIn and other similar Internet media.


3. Interviews

We screen interested candidates on an on-going basis and invite potentially suitable candidates to a 1st interview at mpeople.


4. Introduction

We continuously introduce the candidates whom we deem suitable in the form of a short introduction, CV and, if relevant, diplomas. If the client is interested in the candidate, they get back to us as quickly as possible.


5. Interview by the client

We then organise the 1st interview between the client and the candidate. mpeople are present at this interview. We then give feedback to the candidate, set up a 2nd interview and obtain references if the client wishes to proceed with the candidate.


6. Hiring

If the client wishes to hire a candidate after the 2nd interview, they inform mpeople. After the appointment, we follow up on the candidate to ensure that the match is still right and that everyone is satisfied.

Get off to a good start

To help you recruit the candidates you need, we have an introductory meeting with you to learn more about your requirements and how you envisage your future.

We provide recruitment on the basis of 3 different principles. The choice is yours, and usually depends on the profile you are looking for. 

In our experience, it can take between 2 weeks and several months to find the right candidate/s. This depends, for example, on the job description, the client’s requirements vis-à-vis the candidate’s expertise, qualifications and experience, how in-demand they are, how wide-ranging/limited the field of candidates us, salary and terms of employment, the geographical location of the client and the reputation of the client.

No cure no pay

You do not pay until you hire one of the candidates we have introduced.

Fixed fee for recruitment

In this case you pay a pre-determined, fixed fee for the recruitment. The fee depends on the complexity of the appointment and the issues we have to take care of during the recruitment process. 

The Try & Hire option

In the Try & Hire option, you and the candidate embark on a trial period of, say, 6, 9 or 12 months. You then decide whether a permanent appointment is relevant.

This is an ideal option is your <span>number of headcounts is limited.

Would you like to learn more about mpeople’s specialist recruitment?

Contact Tommy Both Juul for an introductory chat.
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