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“We have greatly appreciated our collaboration with mpeople, who have efficiently managed the entire recruitment process on our behalf. The recruitment has taken place within technical and highly specific fields, which are difficult to recruit for in the current Danish job market.”

– Thales Aerospace Communications

We speak fluent tech

For nearly 20 years, we have been recruiting IT specialists, engineers, managers, and other specialized skills for tech companies both domestically and internationally. When recruiting for very niche areas, it often requires the right network. Unlike others, we operate both a recruitment and a consulting business, providing us with a unique insight into the industry that can put you one step ahead.

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There is high demand for specialists in the tech industry. Skilled candidates are constantly contacted by eager headhunters, making it challenging to onboard the right employee. Regardless of the type of specialist you are seeking, we have the experience and network to know where to look and whom to tap on the shoulder.

An engagement you can feel

Creating excellent results requires mutual commitment, and it’s important for us to be completely aligned before we hit the accelerator. With a clear common goal, we have the best conditions to recruit quickly and accurately, allowing you to move forward with the projects awaiting reinforcement.

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How the recruitment process works



Based on the customer’s needs and desired candidate profile, we develop a search strategy. The strategy is, among other things, based on an analysis of which companies, industries, professional groups, etc., we expect to find potential candidates with the qualifications and skills the customer desires.



Once the search strategy is in place, we advertise on both our own website and LinkedIn. We then initiate a so-called ‘tsunami’ by reaching out directly to a wide range of suitable candidates, both within our own network and on LinkedIn, as well as similar online platforms.



We continuously screen interested candidates and invite potentially suitable candidates for the first interview at mpeople.



Vi præsenterer løbende de kandidater, som vi efter interview vurderer, er egnede i form af en kort præsentation, CV og evt. eksamenspapirer. Hvis kunden er interesseret i kandidaten, vendes der hurtigst muligt tilbage til os.


Interview with the customer

Subsequently, we arrange the first interview between the customer and the candidate, with mpeople participating. We provide feedback to the candidate afterward, organize the second interview, and obtain references if the customer decides to proceed with the candidate.



If the customer wishes to hire a candidate after the second interview, mpeople is informed. Following the hiring, we conduct follow-ups with the candidate to ensure the match is still there and that everyone is satisfied.

Free up time for your core competencies

Let us handle the recruitment

– so both you and we can focus on what we do best.

We begin each new collaboration with an introductory meeting where we get to know each other better. We will ask a lot of questions to better understand your needs and how you envision your future. From there, we can develop a shared strategy for how we can best and quickly assist you in achieving your goals.

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You set the rules

It is important for us to find the solution that fits precisely with your needs and specific situation.

We have our standard recruitment process, but we can also be more flexible. A customized recruitment package is a suitable solution if, for example, you have limited resources and want a trial period before permanent employment, or if you only need help with the search and sourcing part.

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