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Expand abroad with BOT

Outsource the setup of your new department to us and take over a fully operational unit when you are ready

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What is BOT?

BOT (which stands for Build – Operate – Transfer) is, in short, a business model that allows a company to establish and operate a nearshore team through an outsourcing partner. Once the department is fully operational, it will eventually be transferred to the company as a subsidiary.

Should we help you?

Why choose BOT?

Traditional outsourcing can be time-consuming, expensive, and risky. With a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model, you minimize these factors by leveraging our recruitment expertise, local networks, infrastructure, and knowledge of local laws, job markets, and business environments.

This model is well-suited for larger tech and software companies that, with a long-term strategy, aim to invest in establishing a new foreign department without having to spend time on the intricacies of initiation and operation during the start-up period.


Based on your needs, we hire and build your local team and office, ensuring that it complies with local regulations and is supported by local back-office services.


In this phase, we manage the local team in collaboration with you. We ensure that the team is well-integrated and aligned with your working methods and corporate culture.


Within a specified timeframe, we transfer all management and ownership of the team to you according to a procedure defined at the beginning of our collaboration.

Stay focused on core tasks while we scale and operate.

When you collaborate with mpeople in a BOT process, you let an experienced and professional outsourcing partner handle the establishment, scaling, and operation of your new foreign department. This allows you to maintain focus on the core tasks of your business. You will be assigned a dedicated team of Danish mpeople consultants who manage the setup until you are ready for the transfer. As your partner, we ensure to be cultural ambassadors for your company and act as your local representative.

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Avoid missteps and long processes

The moment your contract with mpeople is signed, the establishment process begins at the chosen geographical location. Our experience allows us to avoid common pitfalls and work purposefully and efficiently to get the setup up and running quickly. For one client, this meant that within just three months of signing the contract, mpeople had found and leased office space, sorted out practicalities, formalities, and technology, and hired the first five employees. Within a year, the department had 50 staff members.

Get closer to the resources you need.
At mpeople, we specialize in recruiting the tech and software experts you may not find locally. When a company needs a larger team of specialists, establishing an external unit in a foreign location makes both practical and economic sense, bringing you closer geographically to the resources you aim to recruit.

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Our services

In each BOT collaboration, we tailor both processes and services to meet the specific needs of the company. Below, you can see some of the tasks we handle from the outset and up to the transfer.


  • Find candidates
  • Screening/interview
  • Employment contracts


  • Renting and furnishing of premises
  • Setup and furnishing
  • Maintenance


  • Onboarding
  • Work culture and well-being
  • Contracts and salaries


  • Aligned corporate culture
  • Internal communication
  • Project management and development


  • Associated bank accounts
  • Budgeting and accounting
  • Invoicing and payment

Legal matters and documentation

  • Insight into local legislation
  • Completing relevant documents
  • Company and personal registration

Operation and administration

  • Third-party collaborations
  • Planning, procurement, and support
  • Implementation of work methods