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Do you need specially-designed hardware, developed specifically for your products?
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Expert hardware consultants

When devising products, you may need expertise for hardware development or advice about the right choice of hardware:

  • How should the parts be put together?
  • What do they need to be able to do?
  • At what point should they be deactivated?
  • What should the trigger be?

Our experienced analog and digital hardware consultants will be happy to assist you with their advanced knowledge. We can also access more of the right experts for you if the development needs speeding up.

We have, for example, provided hardware experts within the fields of

Digital and analog hardware


Hardware tests

Power management and power supplies

Simulations (board, circuit)

Standardised tests and approvals

Cordless technologies

Project management

How we help you

Receive assistance from our skilled hardware consultants.

There are two ways in which we can assist you. The reason we can provide both options is that mpeople has the unique combination of the following

Hire a consultant

We find the right consultant to work together with your permanent staff for as long as required.

Recruit a permanent member of staff

If you prefer to hire a permanent member of staff, we recruit the right profiles for your company.

Cross-industry experience for your benefit


Since 2010, our hardware consultants have been developing both digital and analog embedded systems for, and with our clients. These include Schneider, Kamstrup, Jabra, Silicom and Terma.

We have taken on projects in the medical, food, defence and supply sectors. 

If what you need is a permanent hardware engineer or someone with a different technical background, mpeople can also help you recruit new staff. We have been assisting companies with their recruitment for more than 10 years. Read more about our recruitment options here.

Do you need a hardware consultant?

Contact Tommy Both Juul for a chat about your options. We will be happy to pay you a non-binding visit to learn more about your production and needs.

– Tommy Both Juul, CEO

tbj@mpeople.dk+45 25 64 28 28

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