Innovation i Hverdagen – 10 Gode Råd

5. marts 2015

1) Who should I choose?

When choosing your supplier, you need to figure out if they can provide you with the right consultant and if they possess the necessary knowledge to sort out the unfit candidates. It is a good idea to start with a talk about the opportunity for collaboration, to see if there is a match and if your ways of doing things are a fit. Do you need a supplier that is a generalist, or someone really specialized and do you need more than one type of candidate? For example, some suppliers might be able to find an accountant and a software developer but struggle to find just the right fit because they are not specialized enough in both areas.

If this is the case, you might take benefit from choosing a very specialized supplier who is great with the right technical knowledge and experience.

Sometimes it is also a matter of personal relations, and we often want to buy from people we like – which is fine if you know they can do the right job for you.

If you are clear on the qualifications you are looking for, challenge your supplier on the professional and technical part of the position.

2) Can I hire the consultant?

You will in many cases see clauses from your supplier to avoid that. If you know in advance that you want to take over the consultant, it is always a good idea to start the dialogue up front. Are the candidate a freelance consultant, she/he might not be interested in a permanent position and then you will have to restart the process of finding a new one. Some suppliers offer a transfer arrangement or the possibility of taking over your consultant for a fee if the consultant is interested in staying with your company. So, just remember to ask your supplier.

mpeople konsulenter

3) What requirements can I ask for?

When working with a supplier of consultants, it is important to communicate your requirements and expectations. Some key requirements you may want to consider asking of your supplier include:

  • Relevant experience and expertise of the consultant. Ensure that the consultants have the necessary experience and skills to meet the specific needs of your project or organization.
  • Regular update meetings on the process in finding the right profile for you
  • Make sure that the consultants follow your security and compliance policies and procedures.
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Confirm that the consultant and supplier are bound by a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement to protect your organization’s confidential information

Ultimately, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your needs, and to communicate them effectively to the supplier of consultants to ensure a successful engagement. Make a contract!

4) How do I know, if the consultant possesses the right competencies for my project?

First, trust your supplier in delivering a consultant that is up the right ally. You are allowed to set the bar high, and you must make it clear what specific skills the candidate needs technically and personally to join your project and your team. When you get a list of candidates presented, it is your choice on who should be invited to an interview. Off course we will guide you, support with comments recommendations, and references. Here you really get the feeling of how good the supplier knows you and your business.

If we didn’t find the right match in the first round we will give it another try.

5) What is the cost?

It depends! The prices can vary a lot from consultant to consultant and project to projects. Skills, qualification, experience, responsibility, project length, industry and many other factors has a saying on the cost for a consultant.  You can always ask upfront – a good supplier should be able to give an estimate.

6) Can I get out of the contract?

If your project ends before time, If it wasn’t the right match after all, If you run out of budget or whatever reason you might have to end a contract before scheduled there is always a way out. Usually there is a 4 week notice in the contract

This blog post has hopefully given you a better insight into what questions you might have before signing with your supplier..

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