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Expert software consultants​

Software developers are in great demand. Even for the most seasoned software managers and development managers, it can be time consuming and well nigh impossible to find the right person for the task/s.

Generally, our clients have their own software department and occasionally need special or supplementary expertise.

If you need other expertise, we will be more than happy to look into your options.

Our consultant/freelance network includes numerous skilled platform developers, embedded software developers, software engineers, web developers, cloud developers, mobile developers, firmware developers and system developers.

mpeople take on projects in the following fields

Platform development
  • Board Bringup, BSP
  • Linux, Windows, Android, MacOS, FreeRTOS, eCos, GNU…
  • Driver development, I2C, SPI…
  • CPU & MCU, Arm X/X, Atmel AVR, PIC, TI XX, Arduino
Firmware development
  • C, C++, Assembler, Phyton
  • RTOS, Embedded Linux, Windows, Simple single-threads OS
  • UML, OOA, OOP, OOD, RUP, TDD, Scrum
Application, WEB and cloud development
  • WPF, Angular, React, VUW, QT, Bootstrap
  • Algorithm development, data collection, data analysis and logging
  • Xamarin, AWS, Azure, Apache
  • C++, C#, Java, Python, SQL…
  • UML, OOA, OOP, OOD, RUP, TDD, Scrum 
Mobile app development
  • Objective C, xcode, Swift, Kotlin, Java
  • Native, cross-platform applications
  • Android, iOS
  • UX, UI
DevOps - Continous Delivery / Integration
  • ArchOps, Continuous Develivery / Integration, DataOps
  • Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitLab, TeamCityGoCD, Bamboo
Development of threaded and threadless communication protocols and drivers
  • BLE, BT, ZigBee, NFC, ANT, RFID
  • WiFi, USB
  • Smartmesh IP

How we help you

Receive assistance from our skilled software consultants

There are two ways in which we can assist you. The reason we can provide both options is that mpeople has the unique combination of the following

Hire a consultant

We find the right consultant to work together with your permanent staff for as long as required.

Recruit a permanent member of staff

If you prefer to hire a permanent member of staff, we recruit the right profiles for your company.

Cross-industry experience for your benefit

Since 2010, mpeople have been helping to develop software for both Danish and foreign high-tech companies who manufacture physical products supported by software.

We have assisted clients in the hearing-aid, headset and defence industries etc., including Widex, Oticon, Jabra, Terma and Kamstrup. 

​Selected clients

We are proud to be the number-one choice of clients and the industry

Do you need a skilled software consultant?​

Contact Tommy Both Juul for a chat about your options. We will be happy to pay you a non-binding visit to learn more about your production and needs.

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