Flexibility at any time

Nearshoring is playing an increasingly major role for Danish companies when they need special expertise or resources for short or long periods of time.
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Unlike offshoring, where consultants often work from the Middle East and non-EU countries, mpeople provides nearshoring from European countries. That means that both the cultural and time differences are less, and it is easier to meet up physically with your development team, should the need arise.

Nearshoring is particularly used for projects that support companies’ core competencies, and the model is used increasingly in the technological sector where finding the appropriate resources in Denmark can be difficult.

However, the challenge of nearshoring is that it requires the perfect European network to find the most skilled professionals. We have that network. That means we can act as your link to specialist consultants who have exactly the same expertise and experience as Danish consultants, but who cost two-thirds of the price.

Resources across competencies

Nearshoring provides you with a composite team, for example of software developershardware developersmechanics developers  or any other experts the project may require. It is up to you whether you manage the team or we do, while you communicate via our Danish provision manager.

We find the appropriate specialists, while our development consultants tackle projects identical to those for whom we recruit special teams. This combination means we understand every single detail of the projects and can ask both companies and consultants the right questions.

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Contact Tommy Both Juul for a chat about your options. We will be happy to pay you a non-binding visit to learn more about your production and needs.

– Tommy Both Juul, CEO

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