We match consultants with companies within the field of high-tech product development

We are experts at finding the perfect match the first time round. That is why 90% of our consultants are kept on.

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We provide resources for software and electronics development on a consultant basis or through recruitment

Whether you need consultants, special teams for defined periods of time or prefer to hire – that is entirely up to you. The most important issue is to succeed.


We match people and development projects

We are the consultancy and recruitment company you need to contact when you are in need of specialist expertise. Either because you have run into a challenge you cannot tackle yourselves or because you need more of the appropriate experts for a period of time.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in the industry and the ideal network. That means we can come up with the most skilled consultants whenever you need them. There is the added advantage that we also recruit candidates for permanent appointments in the very industry for which we tackle projects.

We have an in-depth understanding of the projects, we speak the language of the industry and we can challenge both you and the consultants in order to find the perfect match.


We understand your world

Specified process

Perhaps you need assistance throughout the whole process, from strategy to development and finished product, or just for a single phase. We understand the entire process, so we will tailor everything to suit your needs and plan the solutions down to the smallest detail.

Flexibility and professionalism

We are known for acting quickly whenever our clients require it. And we intend to continue doing so. That is why you will always encounter dynamic consultants and candidates with the appropriate technical experience.

We work on the edge

We do not do so by thinking out of the box. It is not about individual performance and offbeat ideas. Our consultants can tune into your projects, creating development by working together with you.

Selected clients

We are proud to be the number-one choice of clients and the industry

What about us finding your new consultant?

Contact us for a chat about your options. We will be happy to pay you a non-binding visit to learn more about your production and needs.

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